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Kids Domain

Before and After School Care, School Holiday Programmes

"their place"

"their sanctuary"

"their second home"

Do you qualify for a work and income subsidy? Fill in the "Do you qualify for a subsidy form below to find out"

If you are in work or study, or if you have special circumstances that means you need access to childcare, you can get:

* a childcare subsidy for up to 20 hours per week during term time, and up to 50 hours during school holidays.

Special circumstances might mean, for example, that you need to care for a sick partner, or that you need to attend regular medical treatment for yourself. If you are not in work or study you can get a Childcare Subsidy for up to nine hours a week.

If your child has a disability but you do not qualify for a winz subsidy please check with us as we may be able to help

this form is if you have NOT had a subsidy within the last school term/holidays

this form is if you HAVE HAD a subsidy within the last school term/holidays